College staff

Meet the Dean of the College of Business, and find contact details for academic staff.

Staff from the College of Business are listed below alphabetically by surname.

College leadership

Professor Colin Clark, Dean of the College of Business

Dr Jo Vu, Director of Research Training

Dr Romana Garma, Director of Teaching and Learning

Director (Vacant) Institute for Supply Chain and Logistics

Professor Bruce Rasmussen, Professorial Fellow and Director of Victoria Institute of Strategic Economic Studies

Professor James Giesecke, Director of Centre of Policy Studies (CoPS)

Professor John Zeleznikow, Director of Research

Dr Syed Haider, Planning Manager

Heads of disciplines

Dr Nick Billington: Management, Marketing, Tourism, Hospitality, Music, Events, Supply Chain and Logistics

Ranjith Ihalanyake: Applied Economics & Statistics, Finance and Financial Services

Dr Helen Yang: Accounting and Information Systems

Specialisation advisers

Specialisation advisers work under discipline leaders for Bachelor of Business specialisations. Specialisation advisers are responsible for advising students on particular specialisations and anything related to their studies, including change of specialisations, advanced standings, eligibility to graduate etc.

Course & Unit Administrators

  • Rohini Vikas – Undergraduate
  • Mahima Bawa – Postgraduate


Academic & professional staff (A-Z)


Mahima Bawa, Course & Unit Administrator

Dr Samuel Belicka, Lecturer

Dr Roberto Bergami, Senior Lecturer

Dr Nick Billington, Senior Lecturer

Dr Scott Bingley, Lecturer

Barry Broons, Work Integrated Learning Manager

Professor Donna Buttigieg, Professor


Glovuse Calleja, College of Business Manager

Adjunct Professor Russell Craig, Adjunct Professor


Dr Wei Dai, Senior Lecturer

Victor K Dang, Lecturer

Dr Paul Darbyshire, Lecturer

Maria De Sensi, Lecturer

Dr Terry Delacy, Professor

Dr Peter Demediuk, Senior Lecturer

Dr Chitra DeSilva, Lecturer

Dr Sarath Divisekera, Associate Professor

Dr Colin Drake, Senior Lecturer


The Honourable Dr Craig Emerson, Adjunct Professor

Professor Sophia Everett, Professorial Fellow


Jeffrey Floyd, Adjunct Professor

Dr Martin Fluker, Lecturer

Dr Michelle Fong, Senior Lecturer


Dr Yashar Gedik, Lecturer

Richard Gough, Honorary Fellow

Professor Bhajan Grewal, Professorial Fellow


Syed Haider, Lecturer

Terry Hallahan, Honorary Professor

Rod Herbert, Lecturer

Professor John Houghton, Professorial Fellow


Dr Ranjith Ihalanayake, Senior Lecturer

Professor Sardar Islam, Professor


Professor Beverley Jackling, Adjunct Professor

Ian James, Adjunct Professor

Dr Min Jiang, Research Fellow

Professor Roger Jones, Professorial Research Fellow

Malay Joshi, Lecturer

Dr Olga Junek, Adjunct Fellow


Dr Selvi Kannan, Lecturer

Wayne Kayler-Thomson, Adjunct Professor

Alan Kohler, Adjunct Professor

Dr Nada Kulendran, Associate Professor

Margarita Kumnick, Research Information Coordinator


Raquel Licciardi, Lecturer

Dr Beverley Lloyd-Walker, Adjunct Professor

Dr Catherine Lou, Lecturer

Dr Sidney Lung, Senior Lecturer


Helen Madden-Hallett, Lecturer

Neelam Majaraj, Research Officer

Jirayu Mecksakul, Executive Assistant

Professor Michael McGrath, Professor

Wes McMaster, Adjunct Professor

Alan McWilliams, Lecturer

Dr George Messinis, Senior Research Fellow

Dr Shah Jahan Miah, Senior Lecturer

Kathy Michael, Lecturer

David Moore, Lecturer


Dr Jayce M Naidoo, Senior Lecturer

Dr Riccardo Natoli, Senior Research Fellow

Dr Shahnaz Naughton, Lecturer

Linda Nguyen, Senior Administrative Officer

Dr Thu-Huong Nguyen, Lecturer

Austin Norman, Lecturer

Dr Michael Ntalianis, Lecturer


Dr Rafael Paguio, Adjunct Fellow

Dr Philipp Peltz, Lecturer

Dr Maria Prokofieva, Senior Lecturer

Dr Joanne Pyke, Senior Research Fellow


Dr Ancy Ramasamy, Lecturer


Dr Ian Sadler, Adjunct Fellow

Dr Nick Sciulli, Associate Professor

Dr Lalith Seelanatha, Lecturer

Dr Carmine Sellitto, Senior Lecturer

Dr Himanshu Shee, Senior Lecturer

Professor Peter Sheehan, Professorial Fellow

Jasbir (Jesse) Singh, Lecturer

Dianne Smith, Adjunct Professor

Andrew Stein, Lecturer

Dr Kim Sweeny, Principal Projects Officer


Dr Hassan Tanha, Adjunct Fellow

Dr Arthur Tatnall, Adjunct Professor

Dr Keith Thomas, Senior Lecturer

Dr Thuy-Huong Truong, Lecturer

Professor Lindsay Turner, Professor


Rohini Vikas, Course & Unit Administrator

Dr Jo (Chau) Vu, Senior Lecturer


Steven Wdowik, Lecturer

Alison Welsh, Research Fellow

Dr Leanne White, Senior Lecturer

Dr Guneratne Wickremasinghe, Senior Lecturer

Professor Elisabeth Wilson-Evered

Dr Maxwell Winchester, Senior Lecturer

Dallas Winmar, Admin Officer

Associate Professor Lily Wong, Adjunct Associate Professor


Dr Helen Yang, Senior Lecturer


Dr Paul Zarebski, Lecturer

Professor John Zeleznikow, Professor

Christabel Zhang, Lecturer

Dr Segu Zuhair, Adjunct Fellow


See also the full list of Unit Coordinators.