Courses Committee

The Courses Committee is responsible for monitoring, reporting and advising the Academic Board on the quality and standards of courses in accordance with university legislation and policies on courses against internal and external quality indicators; advising on related policies and monitoring their implementation.

The Courses Committee Terms of Reference.

Composition & membership

The Courses Committee is composed of:

  • One person elected as chair by and from the Academic Board:Associate Professor Tom Clark
  • Chair of the Academic Board:
    Deborah Tyler
  • Deputy Chair of the Academic Board:Associate Professor Tom Clark
  • Chair of the Learning and Teaching Quality Committee:Jacinta Richards
  • Principal Officer nominated by the Academic Board and whose responsibilities include learning and teaching:
  • College Directors of Learning and Teaching or their equivalents nominated by the Academic Board:
    Ms Amanda Carr – College of Arts
    Associate Professor Andrew Smallridge – College of Engineering & ScienceDr Karen Lawrence – College of Health & BiomedicineAssociate Professor Lidia Xynas – College of Law & JusticeAssociate Professor Michael Spittle – College of Sport & Exercise Science
    Bill Daly – Victoria University Polytechnic
    Raquel Licciardi – Victoria University College
  • One person with expertise in vocational education nominated by the Academic Board:Mr Grant Dreher
  • Co-opted Members