Racism. It Stops With Me

Victoria University (VU) is proud to support "Racism. It Stops With Me", a national campaign led by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

"Racism. It Stops With Me" invites all Australians to reflect on what they can do to counter racism wherever it happens, and to recognise we all have a responsibility to make a difference.

The campaign aligns with our vision to be open and excellent, to create an exceptional experience for all students from all backgrounds, and engage with the communities in which we operate.

 Racism. It Stops With Me campaign banner

Campaign aims

"Racism. It Stops With Me" aims to:

  • ensure more Australians recognise that racism is unacceptable in our community
  • give more Australians the tools & resources to take practical action against racism
  • empower individuals & organisations to prevent & respond effectively to racism.

VU initiatives

VU has initiatives in place to support the campaign.

  • Staff Code of Conduct: outlines the responsibility of staff to carry out their duties in a professional, conscientious, ethical manner supportive of the health, safety and wellbeing of members of the VU community.
  • Information on Racial and Religious Diversity in the workplace.
  • Yulendj Wurrung: Indigenous cultural awareness training for all staff.
  • Support for cultural Diversity Week and Harmony Day.
  • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Training and Management Policy.
  • Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying network: a first point of call and support for staff.
  • Safer Community: a central point of enquiry, response and support for concerning, threatening or inappropriate behaviour.

Find out more at the Racism. It Stops With Me website.