VU Academy for Social Change & Leadership (VU Academy) is a student leadership academy. The Academy's goal is to support Victoria University students to demonstrate their capacity to lead and achieve success in making a positive impact to society and the environment.

At Victoria University we believe in providing an educational experience that prepares students for life. Through the Academy, our students demonstrate their capacity to achieve and to make an impact through real world projects. Through these projects, students will develop leadership, entrepreneurship and 21st Century skills. The Academy is a place for students to explore and create ideas that can make the world a better place. 

The VU Academy will be officially launched in February 2018.

Reasons to join the VU Academy

The VU Academy is for students who have a desire to succeed, a passion to make a difference and a commitment and capability to take on challenges for the benefit of others and for greater good.

As a member of the VU Academy you will:

  • be challenged and stimulated with hands-on experiential learning to develop the attributes and characteristics of a leader
  • build key skills that include inspiring and leading, building teams, critical thinking, and effective communication - skills that will increase your employability and "future-proof" your career
  • build confidence and enhance your problem-solving skills through real-world challenges
  • increase your social awareness as a citizen of the world and gain new perspectives
  • make a genuine contribution and a positive difference to the lives of people in communities that you will work in
  • have access to a suite of personal and professional development programs exclusive to VU Academy members.

VU students join the Academy in one of two ways. You can:

  • apply to join one of our exciting programs, personal development workshops or classes
  • propose a project and apply for it to be supported by the Academy.

Programs, workshops & classes

Success starts with having the right mindset to succeed, a clear purpose to lead, and the capability, grit and resilience to tackle the challenges. The Academy offers our students a range of personal development workshops and online classes that prepare you to achieve and lead as well as improve your abilities and performance. ​Choose the activities that best suit your personal developmental goals.

Our programs challenge you to take entrepreneurial action in projects that benefit the community. In the process, you will develop valuable experience and skills in:

  • leadership
  • teamwork
  • creative problem-solving
  • analytical and critical thinking
  • communications skills
  • understanding social responsibility and sustainability.

In 2018, we are offering the NASA Space School International Study Program to STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and design students at VU. Eligible students must be in first year in 2017. Applications are now closed.

Contact us


Phone: +61 3 9919 4281.