Partner with us

VU is interested in partnering with organisations that share the values defined in our vision and mission and have a connection with our areas of expertise.


How you can partner with us

There are many ways in which your organisation could partner with us. These include, but are not limited to, partnering with us by:

  • collaborating on research that benefits the future of your industry
  • hosting our students on work placement or internship - and gaining access to a highly skilled pool of potential employees
  • providing guest lectures, site visits or mentorship opportunities to students - and influencing the future workforce of your industry
  • supporting scholarships, conferences or contests to inspire research and problem solving applicable to your industry
  • joint appointments of staff between VU and your organisation to promote knowledge exchange.

Explore some of our existing partnerships to see how other organisations are currently working with us. These partnerships may span many levels of engagement, including research collaboration, student placement, scholarships and more.

Industry Advisory Committees

One of our priorities is to design and deliver a curriculum that is relevant to the needs of industry.

You may be able to participate in shaping our curriculum - and prevent anticipated skills shortages, ensuring that our students are equipped with skills that meet future industry needs - by being invited to join one of our college advisory groups.

Our academic staff work with Industry Advisory Committees when designing new courses and research, and preparing course materials.

Contact our academic colleges to find out more about how you may contribute your knowledge to our Industry Advisory Committees.

Enquire now

To enquire about how you can partner with us, contact:

Shannon Ryan
Project coordinator
Industry, Community & Sport Engagement
Phone: +61 3 9919 5511