Sport Science

Victoria University has consolidated its research activity.

From 2018 research of the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living is located within the Institute for Sport, Health & Active Living.

The Sport Science program is poised to extend its established reputation for world-standard research and evidence-based insights into the preparation and performance of athletes. Through application of theoretical scientific principles, the program aims to deepen understanding of the key issues that affect sporting performance. Application of this knowledge gives the program capacity to revolutionise sporting systems, across a full spectrum from community to elite levels.

Research groups within the program conduct both pure research as well as outcome-oriented studies with practical end application. Each consists of a multidisciplinary team that applies its unique blend of expertise to focus in key research areas, defined as:

  • Expertise
  • Training
  • Genes & Performance
  • Information & Technology
  • The Winning Edge.

This interdisciplinary approach helps bring new insight to the complex network of physiology, biomechanics and psychological factors that influence sporting performance. Past investigative outcomes have already been widely published and adopted or incorporated by local and international sporting codes, health and fitness authorities, commercial entities and lifestyle advocates.

Collaboration is central to the Sport Science program methodology. In this sense, partnerships are actively sought between individual research groups and external funding partners. Globally renowned and leading Australian sporting bodies, research institutes, government, corporate and community organisations are among the programs existing affiliates.

Sport Science is led by Professor David Bishop.

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