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Find the right engineering course to help you get ahead at Victoria University. We offer over 20 courses in engineering ranging from electrical to civil engineering. Gain the skills to take your career further you can study at short course, TAFE, degree or postgraduate level.


Many of our graduates gain employment in the following roles:

  • electrician
  • engineer
  • electronic
  • technical
  • management
  • mechanical trade
  • building.


Our engineering courses are provided by the College of Engineering and Science and Victoria Polytechnic.

Short courses 4 courses

Duration: 1000 hours
EAP is a university and TAFE preparation course. It is designed for students with upper intermediate to advanced levels of English who want to gain admission to an Australian TAFE, undergraduate or postgraduate course.
Duration: 16 hours
Gain a fundamental understanding of control processes & applications of direct digital controllers (DDCs) in the HVAC and BMS sector.
Duration: 72 hours
Gain data cabling knowledge in electrical classification, rules, data and telephony installation techniques, dossiers and related mandatory documentation and inspections.
Duration: 40 hours
Study the Electrotechnology national training package to become an electrician trained to meet Clean Energy Council Accreditation standards.

TAFE certificates & diplomas 10 courses

Duration: 3 years

Develop practical skills in road construction and maintenance with a Certificate III in Civil Construction apprenticeship.

Duration: 1.5 years
Gain the skills and knowledge to demonstrate broad theoretical concepts, application of skills and knowledge, problem solving, information interpretation and output responsibility.
Duration: 3 months
Lay the foundation for a career in the engineering industry with a Certificate II in Engineering pre-apprenticeship.
Duration: 1 year
Take your engineering interests to the next level. This course provides offers an opportunity for tradespeople to upgrade their qualifications, and entry into technician positions in industry.
Duration: 4 years
Start your career in engineering with a solid foundation. Learn how to problem solve, use your judgement and manage time and information.
Duration: 4 years
Lay the groundwork for your entry into a traineeship or apprenticeship in the metal trade industry. Learn the basics in theory and develop your skills in problem solving, using sound judgement and managing your time and information effectively.
Duration: 2 years
Equip yourself for a career in the engineering industries by improving your existing skills in CAD, robotics, and advanced manufacturing.
Duration: 1 year
Take part in our leading-edge course for a non-trades pathway into technician and engineering associate qualifications.
Duration: 2 years
Learn the technical skills to design, validate and evaluate electrical equipment and systems for a career in electrical engineering.
Duration: 1 year
Learn how to set up and maintain automated equipment and systems.

Higher Education diplomas 1 course

Higher education diplomas

Study a one-year specialised diploma, with more focussed academic and English support to better prepare you for success in undergraduate study.

On completion, you will be guaranteed entry into the second year of a nominated bachelor degree.

Duration: 1 year
The Diploma of Engineering is a pathway to Bachelor of Engineering courses at VU or other universities. This course is offered to international students only.

Bachelor degrees (undergraduate) 5 courses

Duration: 4 years
The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Architectural Engineering) covers the processes behind making safe buildings, with an emphasis on sustainable design concepts.
Duration: 4 years
Be part of a growing demand for Civil Engineers as communities and governments continue to expect well-engineered, effective and sustainable facilities.
Duration: 4 years
Gain practical and problem-solving skills working on projects in the workplace that will help launch a career as an electrical or electronic engineer.
Duration: 4 years
Prepare to contribute to the latest in technical innovations in electrical and sports engineering.
Duration: 4 years
Mechanical Engineers use their in-depth knowledge of the Physical Sciences and Mathematics to invent new products, devices and processes.

Postgraduate 2 courses

Duration: 2 years
Enhance your professional and advanced technical skills in a specialist discipline of fire science and technology.
Duration: 2 years
Acquire the specialised skills, knowledge and expertise from your engineering study area and apply it to research and complex technological problem solving scenarios.

Postgraduate research 3 courses

Postgraduate Research

Research postgraduate

Our Office for Research provides support to our current and future researchers, such as:

  • identify a research topic
  • find a supervisor
  • apply for research supervision or grants.
Duration: 2 years
Develop your knowledge and focus your practical skills on a specific research area in engineering. You will undertake research on a topic that you and your supervisor choose.
Duration: 4 years
The Doctoral degree in Engineering, (PhD) is an advanced research program offered across VU’s research focus areas and the major disciplines of our academic Colleges.
Victoria University has been the perfect learning environment for me. Becoming a student mentor helped my all-round development and I want to continue providing support to new graduates in the future. As part of my final year project, I developed two remote observatories at West Preston and Avoca.
Shaun Clark

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