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Supportive learning environment

We offer students a wide range of support services – from scholarships and financial support, through to academic support, childcare and health and wellbeing services.

We understand that balancing study with work and life commitments isn’t always easy. That’s why our courses and support programs are designed to offer students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to achieve their goals.

Regardless of your prior experience, economic and educational background, we want you to succeed.

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To make sure our students can spend more time studying than working, we offer one of the most comprehensive scholarship programs in Victoria.

Every year, we offer more than 500 scholarships. These include:

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"With a Western Chances Scholarship and Achievement Scholarship I’ve been able to buy a new computer, equipment and text books which can be very expensive. I have cerebral palsy and through VU's disability support I’ve also been able to make alternative arrangements like extra time to do exams."

Natasha Jones, scholarship recipient.

Student support services

Our broad range of academic and personal support services can help you make the most of your time at VU.

These services include:


“I have never experienced a more comprehensive academic support system than VU’s. VU creates a multicultural environment with equal opportunity. Staff were supportive of my goals and went out of their way to help me achieve them.”

Abigail Bravo, given opportunities based on academic performance.



Student Support transcript

Student Support transcript