About VU

Courses delivered internationally

Victoria University (VU) is one of the largest providers of Australian qualifications outside of Australia, delivering English language courses, diplomas, bachelor and masters courses to more than 8,500 students in 2016.

We are ranked in the world’s top 2% (THE World University Rankings 2016/2017).

VU College collaborates with with international institutions through international delivery partnerships to develop and deliver these courses to our students throughout Asia.

A map showing our international partner institution relationships: 17 years with Liaoning University, China; 12 years with Central University of Finance & Economics, China; 13 years with Henan University, China; 17 years with Hanoi University, Vietnam; 22 years with Sunway College, Malaysia; 9 years with Lithan Hall Academy, Singapore.


Opportunity benefits

Our internationally delivered courses provide you opportunities to:

  • enrol in a VU qualification closer to home and in a familiar and supportive education environment
  • become familiar with the Australian education system and gain the confidence to successfully complete a qualification in Australia
  • move to Australia to complete all or part of a qualification.

The course structure and curriculum taught at our international partner institutions is equivalent to what we teach in Melbourne.

Our team develop the course content and travel regularly to teach and work closely with our partner institutions. This means students receive the same high quality educational experience as those who study in Australia.


VU courses delivered with international delivery partners include English language, diploma, bachelor and masters courses. These provide students with the opportunities to complete their degrees internationally or in Australia.

Courses in China

Central University of Finance and Economics

  • Bachelor of Business (International Trade / Financial Risk Management)
  • English for Academic Purposes

Henan University

  • Diploma of Business (Enterprise)
  • Diploma of Information Technology
  • English for Academic Purposes

Liaoning University

  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
  • Bachelor of Business (Banking and Finance)
  • Bachelor of Business (International Trade)
  • Diploma of Business (Enterprise)
  • English for Academic Purposes

City College of Huizhou

  • English for Academic Purposes

Courses in Malaysia

Sunway College (Kuala Lumpur)

  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Business (International Trade)
  • Bachelor of Business (Banking and Finance)
  • Bachelor of Business (Financial Risk Management)
  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting / Banking and Finance)
  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing / International Trade)
  • Bachelor of Business (Financial Risk Management / Banking and Finance)
  • Master of Business Administration

Sunway College (Johor Bahru)

  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

Courses in Singapore

Lithan Hall Academy

  • Graduate Diploma in Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems)
  • Master of Enterprise Resource Planning Management
  • Master of Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems)

Courses in Vietnam

Hanoi University

  • Master of TESOL

Pathways to study in Australia

Our customised courses delivered with international delivery partners often include arrangements for VU students to transfer to Melbourne to complete part of their degree.

Students who travel to study part of their degree in Australia can gain valuable international experience. This strengthens future employment and study opportunities, while reducing the time and cost of living in another country.