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Safety in Melbourne

Your safety matters to us. At Victoria University (VU), we foster a safe environment where you feel empowered to speak up if something bothers you or you believe someone needs help.

You can feel confident that VU is committed to keeping you safe while you study with us. Our staff and security team will be on hand to offer support, advice and assistance whenever you need it.

Our campuses are all tobacco and smoke free so you can study in a healthy environment.

Campus safety and security

VU has many ways to keep you safe while you’re a student with us. We have security officers on all of our campuses, 24 hours a day. Our security operations team are focused on protecting people, property and preventing and detecting any crime.

Shuttle bus

If you’re leaving our St Albans or Footscray campus after 5pm, we offer a free shuttle bus to take you to the nearest train station.

Security escorts

We also offer a security escort between campus buildings or from buildings to your car. Simply call the Security Operations Centre at your campus on +61 3 9919 4999 to request an escort.

VUSafe mobile app

We've developed a free VUSafe mobile app. The app is packed with safety information, tools and features to keep you safe on campus.

Safer community

If you experience or see concerning, threatening or inappropriate behaviour, including bullying, stalking and sexual assault, talk to us. We provide support, advice and assistance and personal safety tips.

We encourage all staff, students and visitors to report any security incidents or suspicious activity on campus or in carparks.

Staying safe in Melbourne

Melbourne is consistently ranked as the world’s most liveable city. But, like most large cities, there are some risks, especially at night. Here are some tips for staying safe.

On the street

  • avoid parks, lanes and poorly lit areas at night
  • travel with a friend whenever possible
  • check your directions before you travel
  • take care when crossing roads: look to the right and the left before you step off the kerb, and use pedestrian crossings or traffic lights whenever you can
  • don’t get in a car with people you don’t know
  • don’t get in a car with someone who’s been drinking
  • when you’re walking or cycling at night, wear brightly coloured clothing so that drivers can see you
  • feel free to approach police officers on the street or walk into a police station at any time.

On public transport

  • when you’re travelling on a train, tram or bus, sit in the first carriage or up the front to be near the driver, and press the emergency button only if necessary
  • never cross railway crossings when lights are flashing or barriers are down.

In a public place

  • stay alert when using ATMs, and cover your hand when entering your PIN
  • don’t give out your phone number or personal details freely
  • always buy your own drinks, especially in a bar or pub
  • never carry more than $100 with you
  • in an emergency, dial 000 as a free call from any telephone, 24 hours a day, for fire, police or ambulance.

Download the MyVU international study guide for more safety advice.

Emergency services

Emergency services are provided to help all Melbourne residents. The staff who work for these services are highly approachable and helpful.

If you ever find yourself in an emergency you can call ‘000’ for:

  • police
  • fire
  • ambulance.

This is a free call and can be dialled from all mobile phones, even those without credit. If you place a call to any of these services, the telephone operator will provide assistance until help arrives.

To speak to someone in your own language ask the operator for a translator. 

Contact us

For immediate assistance contact VU Security on +61 3 9919 6666.

Request a security escort: +61 3 9919 4999.

For advice, assistance and support if you have experienced or witnessed something concerning, contact Safer Community: